If you’re a part-time worker who’s trying to earn extra money, or if you’re worried that your purchasing power will decrease due to inflation, then passive income can be a great way to boost your income. It can help tide you over if you get laid off, take time off from work, or if you suddenly become unemployed.

Sell Digital Products
A digital product is something that’s either not physically available or can be purchased digitally. Examples of these include books, software, and templates.

These types of products have high-profit margins and are great for passive income because they don’t require a lot of inventory or storage. You can sell these products multiple times through your online business.

Create Your Own Blog
Despite the initial challenges of starting a blog, the blogging business model is becoming more successful due to its growing popularity. You no longer need to be an internet celebrity to earn money online. Just find people on various platforms and send them to your website.

Getting started blogging can take a little time, but it’s also very important to build a strong following and promote your content through various platforms.

Sell Stock Photos
Unlike some of the other ideas on this list, photography isn’t a traditional business. It’s a service-based enterprise that requires you to be at events and photoshoots to earn money. Even though you’re making a killing, it can be hard to keep up with the work.

If you’re a full-time photographer and own a good camera, then selling stock photos online can be a great way to earn money. Stock photo sites such as Pexels and Shutterstock will pay for high-quality images.

Sell Websites
There are so many websites that it’s hard to choose just one that’s right for you, but you can easily find one that’s related to your interests. Many of these websites make a healthy income through various forms of advertising and products.