Millions of people shop online. But imagine being able to venture down store aisles while sitting in front of a computer. Put items into a virtual shopping cart, check out, and have the purchase delivered. The prospect is not that far-fetched. Technological companies are working to make that idea a reality. Currently, a variety of companies are also developing ways to enhance productivity and customer service by marrying virtual reality technology with fintech

Virtual Shopping
A number of retailers around the world have VR apps in place, which enable consumers to view items and pertinent information to make purchases from any destination. The virtual experience allows shoppers to choose an item, view the item from various angles, and obtain color, size, price, and other desired information before making a purchase. Some upscale clothing retailers have also provided consumers with the ability to try on clothing and accessories virtually by incorporating models that appear similar in body type to the shopper. 

Citi Financial Trading
The Citi firm combined efforts with 8ninths to develop the Holographic Workstation that allows brokers to obtain current investment and trade options from virtually anywhere. Using headgear, professionals gain access to current and relevant information displayed in 2D or 3D formats, which provides detailed data for collaboration and interpretation. The concept makes monitoring changes more accurate while hastening the ability to benefit clients. Employees within the firm or clients similarly equipped with virtual reality technology have the ability to simultaneously view the data in real-time in order to make informed decisions. 

Comarch VR Wealth Management
In 2016, in San Jose, California, the Poland-based company shared its concept for improving client services. The virtual reality platform combines algorithms and wearables with human relations to enhance the investment experience. The journey begins with a smartphone app where clients have the ability to check their portfolios and receive updates from their account managers. Should a potentially beneficial opportunity arise, the client needs merely don the provided headgear to further explore the proposed option. While consulting with their advisor in real time, clients obtain more information about the option in addition to having the ability to view various investment plan upgrade options.